ðŸŽēAutomated Daily Event

This concept still in concept. Not available on main server right now.

Ragnafilian has several automated events in which everyone logged in can participate. They activate multiple times a day so watch for them carefully! When it's time for one to begin, the specific event is periodically broadcast to all players for a few minutes before the entrance is closed. This gives everyone a chance to get there before things get started. Anybody can participate in these, and the winners usually gain Ragna Points.

Air Drop

Get a free various of items daily by hitting an object on Prontera Field 8. Items dropped can be usable items, buff scrolls, or even costumes!


Pick a number, 1, 2, 3, or 4-and then go sit near that number's physical location on the map. Once the doors close and the event begins, click on the small square with your number on it that sits slightly above the pens with the larger, yellow ones. It will countdown from 5, and if your number was picked, you won! If not, you will warp to Prontera. Now all you have to do is click the small sign near the top-left on the pens labeled "Go Back." Walk up and to the center of the room, and finally click on the sign that says "Claim your prize!", to exit with your Ranga Points!


The NPC will make an announcement 3 minutes before the event starts. This event is held slightly below the lower center of Prontera, where you will see a soldier/guard NPC with a small grid cleared around them. Once the event begins, this NPC will disguise randomly into a Monster for a couple of seconds. In your regular chat box, type in as fast as you can the exact name of the monster! The person that says the name first correctly wins the round. If nobody can guess the correct name within a short time, the round will end and the correct answer will be revealed, moving on to the next monster.

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