There are also secondary stats which are determined by stats you have (along with gears and abilities).

There are also secondary stats which are determined by stats you have (along with gears and abilities).


Attack: Your physical-oriented attack rating for both ranged and melee weapons. It is listed as A + B in the stat window, where A is Weapon DMG + STR / DEX / LUK, and B is the damage gained from weapon refinement upgrades. Barring elemental issues, even if your main damage is negated completely, you'll always do the damage bonus granted by weapon refinement upgrades.


Magic Attack: Your magical-oriented attack rating. Using the number here, you can guess approximate amount of damage you will do with your magical ability. You should be wary of enemy elemental state, as using wrong elemental spell will cause you to do low amount of damage. The Maximum MATK grows by Int+(Int/5)^2. The Minimum MATK grows by Int+(Int/7)^2. But aware you have to round down the number resulting from Int/5 and Int/7 In example 33 Int means Maximum MATK is 33+(6,6)^2 and has to be Round down to 33+6^2 and Minimum MATK 33+4,71^2 rounds down to 33+4^2 resulting in 69 Maximum MATK and 49 Minimum MATK.


Defense: Your defense rating against physical damage. It is shown as A + B in the stat window, where A is item-based DEF rate, and B is VIT-based DEF rate. The item-based DEF rate cuts damage by %, whereas VIT-based DEF rate is pure reduction with that number. Be aware that the status window does not accurately represent the DEF added by upgraded items. Each + on an upgraded item is shown in the status window as 1 item-based DEF, however damage is calculated with each + providing only 70% of 1 DEF (so 0.7 DEF). This means, if you have DEF listed as 10+5 and enemy just did initial damage worth 80, then you'll receive 67 damage.


Magic Defense: Your defense rating against magical damage. It works the same way as plain DEF in terms of mechanics.

Each point of hard MDEF also provides 1% resistance to Frozen and Stone Curse statuses.


Hit Rate: Your accuracy rating, which is calculated by your DEX + any other bonuses + your base LV value.


Critical Hit Rate: Your critical hit rating, which does damage that fully ignores enemy DEF, both % and pure value part. Because of difficulty of acquiring CRIT without sacrificing lots of other stats or useful cards/gears, it is recommended it is used on classes that naturally has fast ASPD one way or another. Offensive Skills do not take CRIT into account with the exception of Focused Arrow Strike. Critical Hit also ignore FLEE but not PERFECT DODGE.

The critical rate being displayed in the status window isn't the true value which is applied against monsters. The "status crit" is calculated by dividing current LUK by 3 and adding the crit bonuses from equips/cards. The real crit rate is a little different. Formula : LUK*0.3 + bonuses.

When you attack a monster or a player, the target's LUK influences your critical hit rate. Every 5 LUK that the target has, you lose 1% crit (Which isn't shown in the status window). For example if you hit Angeling, that has 100 LUK, you'll lose 100/5 = 20 crit. This crit tolerance is also known as "Crit Shield" on Doddler's monster database.

Critical is doubled when you use Katar type weapon.

Flee Rate: Your dodge rating. It is shown as A + B in the stat window, where A is your AGI + any other bonuses + your base LV value, and B is the chance of doing 'lucky dodge', which can even dodge critical attacks. Make note that no matter how much AGI you have, you cannot have more than 95% dodge rate against anything in the game, however this does not ring true inside WoE Maps, as players can have 100% dodge rate in these maps.

ASPD is Attack Speed. It depends on the player's class, equipped Weapon Type, Speed Modifiers, AGI and DEX. ASPD increases Hits/Second exponentially. It has a limit of 190 ASPD or 5 hits per second.

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