🏰Guild System

The Guild system has been revamped to help like-minded players band together and be competitive as a team.

Creating a Guild

Creating a guild requires a Emperium and simply type /guild(space)GuildName or hit ALT + G

Tip: You can use any special chars while making a guild name. For example: Β°β€’Ragnafilianβ„’β€’Β°

Guild Contribution

Maximum EXP contribution tax is 10%, and alternative for increasing Guild EXP is exclusively gained through guild members donations of zeny.

Guild Skills

Skills are available on Episode 3: Comodo. There are 5 skills in begining of WOE.


Official Guild Approval

Enable to join and participate in guild war.

Contract with Kafra

Enable to use kafra services inside castle.

Guardian Research

Enable to spawn castle guardian.


Increase HIT and ASPD for all guild members around guild master.

Guild Extension

Increase guild member by 2 each skill level.

Guild Buffs (in concept)

When the guild reaches or surpasses the level limit, all guild members will receive a set of buffs. When a player leaves the guild, all buffs will be instantly removed from the leaving player, and a penalty of 4 days before joining a new guild.

Guild LevelBuffby

Level 10

Increse Exp rate


Increse Drop rate


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