💠Status Effects

There are many status debuffs (or status ailments) that work against you in many ways. Both player characters and monsters are capable of inflicting them.

Before Episode 3: Comodo, there are five status effect have old behavior.


  • HP/SP Recovery still active.

  • LUK and VIT does not affect status time.

  • DEF and ATK -25% while on Poison status.


  • Any flee will NOT be negated.

  • No DEF and MDEF changes while on Frozen state.

  • Lex Aeterna and Steal can be used on Frozen/ Stone-cursed target.


  • Any flee will NOT be negated.

  • Critical attack will not be doubled.


  • Accuracy rate and flee rate will not be decreased.


  • Any flee will NOT be negated.

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